Company Profile

Advantek International, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 in the State of New York and maintains its headquarters at Lake Success, New York. The company has applied its unique combination of Western engineering resources with first hand knowledge of Eastern European standards and requirements to supply customized communications systems for unique and challenging applications in the republics and former satellites of Soviet Union.

Advantek specializes in communications system integration for corporate and operator networks, including satellite terminal and networking equipment, medium to large PBX switches, transport and access SDH and IP networks, microwave PP and PMP transmission facilities, cellular and WLL, data networking equipment, and network management systems. Since 2008 Advantek is offering solutions based on its own Network Monitoring and Management software platform (NVS). To this date Advantek has implemented well over 1000 systems from different vendors to clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other CIS and East European countries.

Advantek has over 20 years of extensive experience in supplying telecommunications equipment to the countries of former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. A wide diversity of public and corporate standards in these countries and their inconsistency with Western standards, multitude of local government and law enforcement licensing and type approval requirements, extremely complicated end ever changing customs and tax laws pose considerable challenges to any Western communications equipment supplier. Advantek is in possession of all the necessary state and local licenses and permits, and is fully equipped and has the know-how to successfully meet all challenges, cut the red tape and make things happen.

Advantek employs a constantly growing cadre of highly competent sales and technical staff, which helps the company to continually expand its customer base. Company's Technical Centers in Moscow and Almaty are perfectly equipped and staffed to provide clients with comprehensive technical support at every stage of project preparation and implementation. At these Centers we also provide certified technical training in installation, programming and maintenance of telecom equipment from various vendors. Advantek has established dealership/VAR relationships with many leading Telecommunications equipment and software manufacturers in US, Europe and Israel.

Advantek International, Inc. has built strong business relationships with leading oil and gas companies, with number of telecom network operators, as well as with various government and law enforcement agencies throughout all of CIS. Advantek has affiliated offices in Moscow (Russian Federation), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Minsk (Belarus), each staffed with marketing and engineering personnel capable of promoting local sales and providing expedient technical maintenance and service support. Advantek participates in major telecommunications trade shows at all represented territories, advertises in local trade publications, and maintains an informative web site (presently – only in Russian).

All stated above has allowed us to successfully operate in difficult post soviet business environment, maintaining steady company and revenue growth.